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Swiss Type CNC Screw Machining

We specialize in Swiss and screw type machining of small-diameter components with complex geometries. Piedmont Machine runs Swiss/CNC screw machines with up to 7-axis capabilities. The multi-spindle, 7-axis capability of our Swiss screw machines enable us to machine parts that require multiple material removal processes, in a single operation. In addition, the automatic bar loading and CNC control capabilities of our Swiss and screw type machines facilitate lights out manufacturing.

Through Lean and lights out manufacturing practices, Piedmont Machine delivers high precision parts at competitive costs. Our custom screw machined parts are widely used in industries ranging from appliance and automotive to military. Screw type machines at our machine shop can machine turned parts with O.D. up to 1.50" while maintaining tight tolerances of 0.005". Our Swiss type machines can process bar stock of materials up to 1.25" in O.D., with tolerances close to 0.0002".

Piedmont Machine’s extensive screw machining capabilities include boring, milling, reaming, and turning. Our screw and Swiss machines also enable us to perform broaching, hobbing, slotting, as well as threading operations. We work with a range of materials including alloy steels, aluminum, stainless steel, and plastic polymers. Fasteners, shafts, gears, and valve components are typical Swiss/screw machined parts manufactured by us. To compliment our Swiss screw machining capabilities, we offer CAD design assistance, CAM programming, as well as reverse engineering services to OEMs and industrial customers.

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