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Metal Stamping

We offer metal stamping using stamping presses having tonnage capacities up to 200 tons, to meet the precision stamping demands of industries ranging from automotive and agricultural to telecommunication. Depending on your specific application requirements, we can manufacture simple and complex stamped components in low as well as high volume production runs. We die stamping, hot stamping, and compound die stamping.

Through progressive die stamping, we perform a series of forming operations in a single machine cycle to produce complex sheet metal components. Our extensive metal stamping offering enables us to manufacture embossed, threaded, and tapped metal parts with several intricate features. Aluminum, brass, copper, stainless steel, and carbon steel are typical materials we work with.

Custom metal stampings with thicknesses up to 1/4" can be manufactured using customer-supplied tooling or dies built in-house. We hold stamping tolerances close to 1/64" on custom sheet metal components. As a one-stop job shop, Piedmont Machine also offers value-added services such as welding, laser cutting, and metal fabrication. 

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